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Thinking of Your Nursery's Design and Decor? Here's a Helpful Tip

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Your baby or grandbaby is due in a few months so you're thinking about your baby nursery's design and decor. 

Here's a helpful tip on baby nursery decor.

Everything in the nursery centers around your baby's crib so start your nursery's design and decor with the crib bedding.

It's much easier to select paint colors and wall coverings after you choose your bedding than trying to match bedding options to paint chips. Review the styles and designs, consider the colors you want, soothing and serene or more lively and narrow down your choices. This is a good point to consider crib bedding without bumpers.

The new "Bye-Bye Bumpers!" Designer Crib Sheet is a great place to start. You eliminate crib bumpers and get a beautiful custom-made design. Little Bunny Blue offers washable luxurious fabrics and an organic cotton top in every style of "Bye-Bye Bumpers!"

Organic cotton soothes your baby as she or he sleeps on the new "Bye-Bye Bumpers!" custom crib sheet.

"Bye-Bye Bumpers!" is now available in 5 custom-made styles with a variety of beautiful colors and upscale fabrics. We'll add more designs, colors and fabrics soon.

Need help deciding or have a question about "Bye-Bye Bumpers!"and Little Bunny Blue custom-made luxury baby bedding? Call us at 877.791.7078